Points of Interest

Dubois, Wyoming

Our charming hometown of Dubois is nestled between The Wind River Mountain Range to the west and The Absaroka Mountain range to the east which makes Dubois the perfect destination to get outside and explore. Getting away from crowds, traffic, and the minutiae of everyday life is what it’s all about here! There is so much to be enjoyed, surrounded by sweeping mountainscapes with endless views there is something for everyone in our little cowboy town. There are miles and miles of trails available to ATV riders and snowmobilers, an abundance of wildlife right outside the back door, access to world-class rivers and streams for all of our angler friends, our close proximity to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park as well as nearby casinos and hot springs makes Dubois the perfect place to experience it all. There are also plenty of fun little shops and restaurants to enjoy in town to get souvenirs and load up on the world famous pies you’ll find at The Cowboy Cafe and you’ll love doing it because the locals here are so wonderful and welcoming. 

Bighorn Sheep Center 

The National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center offers a chance to learn about wild sheep in North America. It tells the story of the animals’ history, their habitat and their future, which is threatened. 

Museum of Military Vehicles

Dubois is home to the National Museum of Military Vehicles which showcases the largest privately owned fleet of tanks, aircrafts, naval vessels, artillery and other military vehicles since 1897 in the world as well as a very impressive private gun collection including the fully authenticated musket that fired the first shot in the Revolutionary War Battle of Bunker Hill. It has been named as one of the top museums in the country – many people often compare this museum to The Smithsonian. 


Grand Teton National Park

Named after the tallest peak in the Teton mountain range at 13,775 ft, these mountains are stunning. Definitely a must see.    


Yellowstone National Park

Not only does Yellowstone have the geysers and abundant wildlife that it’s world famous for but, you can witness bubbling mud, steaming lakes, incredible waterfalls, and so much more. It’s truly a sight to see.   


Jackson Hole 

Just a quick little jaunt over Togwotee mountain pass you’ll find the bustling little cowboy town which has a lot to offer, and is a perfect place for a day’s getaway. You’ll find cute little boutique shops, art galleries, several dining options, upscale spas, concerts in the summer, and snowsports in the winter and of course you have to drive by the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges to get there so it makes the short drive extra enjoyable. 


Hot Springs in Thermopolis, WY

Thermopolis is a hidden gem located north of the incredible Wind River Canyon. Here you’ll find a charming small town known for its numerous natural hot springs that surround the area just off the Bighorn River.You can walk around and see the formations that the mineral waters have formed as well as find a couple hot spots along the river to take a dip in. As well as the hot springs you’ll find, there is also a water park that is supplied by the hot springs. 


Casinos in Lander and Riverton, WY

If you’ve got the itch to gamble, there are a couple casinos just a short drive away.  



Brook’s Lake 

Just beneath the Pinnacle Butte’s Brooks Lake offers great fishing, hiking and a beautiful spot for a picnic. 

Shoshone National Forest

The forest right outside our door! Expect to explore thousands and thousands of acres of wilderness on an ATV, snowmobile or horseback. Imagine just stumbling on a lake in the woods that’s covered in lily pads, or reaching the top of a peak and looking over and seeing the Tetons from a totally different viewpoint, or finding meadows full of fresh snow.  

Jenny Lake

At the base of The Teton range, Jenny Lake is a natural wonder. There are several hiking trails, a boat shuttle that goes across the lake so visitors can access trails from the boat dock to Hidden Falls (1/2 mile each way), Inspiration Point (1 mile each way) and into Cascade Canyon that leads North to Solitude Lake or South to the South Fork of Cascade Canyon, and beyond to Hurricane Pass and Schoolroom Glacier. Visitors can rent a boat if they’d like or even bring their own boat, paddle board, kayak, canoe or drift boat. Jenny Lake offers fantastic fishing as well. 

Togwotee Pass 

Togwotee Pass, named after a sub chief under Chief Washakie of the Sheepeater tribe, a branch of the Shoshones, is well known for the heavy snowfall during winter months. Sometimes reaching levels of up to 25 feet and is a very popular place for snowmobilers and other snow sport enthusiasts.  

Known for its world-class trout fishing you’ll commonly find golden, brook, cutthroat and rainbow trout in this river. 

Gannett Peak (Tallest peak in Wyoming)

Situated on the Continental Divide in the Wind River Mountain Range, Gannett peak is the tallest point in Wyoming and is home to Gannett Glacier which is the single largest glacier in the American Rocky Mountains at 896 acres. Gannett peak is often on mountaineers bucket lists to climb because it is thought to be one of the most difficult state-high point summits in the nation. 


Over 2500 fishable lakes, streams, rivers, and reservoirs within the Wind River Mountain Range

The region is considered to be  a prime fishing destination in the lower 48 states. There are 43,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs, 2,000 miles of rivers and streams, including the 185-mile Wind River.


Oxbow Bend and the Snake River

Oxbow Bend is a crescent shaped section along the Snake River, a popular place among wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. You can glimpse a variety of wildlife here including pelicans, Great Blue Herons, muskrats, otters, moose, and bears. The reflection of the Tetons in the river makes Oxbow Bend a perfect place for photographers to snap those photos at sunrise or sunset and hopefully you’d be lucky enough to get one of those critters in a photo as well.   

Granite Hot Springs

Along Hoback Canyon, south of Jackson, you’ll find a beautiful place of complete relaxation and comfort: Granite Hot Springs. Escape the problems of the workday world and sink into the natural rejuvenating warm-water springs. With both a man-made swimming pool and a natural hot springs bath, this spot offers some fabulous opportunities to luxuriate in healing water. Only accessible by snowmobile, cross country skis, dog sleds or snowshoes in the winter months.